Dolphins are our friends !

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And sometimes they come to our aid !
Since the beginning of time we know that dolphins have helped sailors lost in the middle of a storm or swimmers who were drowning.
These are not just legends as some people say, they really happened.
In Australia not so long ago dolphins saved a swimmer. Sharks were attacking him and had already bitten his leg. The man was losing blood and was going to die.

Suddenly a dozen or so large and beautiful dolphins arrived on the horizon going full speed. They surrounded the poor swimmer and then turned towards the sharks.

What a panic! Sharks are very frightened of dolphins when they are all together! So they fled quickly and the swimmer was saved. Hundreds of people helped in this rescue.

When little Eilan was shipwrecked trying to flee Cuba he was helped by dolphins. They brought him safe and sound to the Florida beaches. All the newspapers were talking about it.

Elsewhere in the world dolphins help fishermen to fish.
The fishermen call the dolphins by striking the sea with a large stick which makes a lot of noise. The dolphins then arrive chasing enormous shoals of fish before them which throw themselves into the nets.

Here, some river dolphins, in India, helping a sick friend to breathe.

Instead of killing dolphins, catching them for circuses or drowning them in nets, humans could speak to them. They could ask them for their help. Dolphins know the sea better than anyone.

They could guide us under the water, they could help divers, they could show us algae which could heal us, and they could teach us how to get to know the ocean and respect it.

Dolphins live in a wonderful way: they never make war.
They don’t break anything, they don’t harm anything.
They take care of their children and their old parents.
They help one another.
They never abandon the wounded or the sick.
We really should follow their example.

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Dolphins are our friends !

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