Dolphins die in prisons 

Dolphins die in prisons 


And school children go to see
them !

Sometimes nasty people capture dolphins from the sea.
They catch them with a net, separate them from their family by force and take them in an aeroplane to a zoo or a dolphinarium a long way away
from their country.

Many people say that children should go to dolphinariums to learn more about dolphins.
This is not
When you know how dolphins really live in the ocean you wouldn’t want to see them in prison
anymore !
Dolphins that go round and round in a little pool, it really is too sad to look at them…

Put yourself in their place : imagine that you were forced to remain enclosed in a little room for the whole of your life, without being able to
get out, without ever being able to play outside ?

Real dolphins don’t live like that of course !
They are free, they live within a family, they play with their friends, they
hunt, they have fun, they travel, they swim at high speed under the sun and in the wind.
Their days are full.

Manati Park

Dolphins in a pool – that’s not good at all !

Captive dolphins are very bored. They are sad. They miss their parents and their friends, and they hardly have enough room to move.
Even the large swimming pools in the largest dolphinariums in the world are too small for them. They could never replace the

In a dolphinarium dolphins only eat bits of dead fish. There is no sand, no
algae, no sun: nothing but concrete and water made dirty with chlorine which stings their eyes.

And on top of that there is absolutely nothing to do all day !
That’s why dolphins do shows like animals in a circus. So that they don’t die of boredom… and also so that they can eat. That is how they are
trained to obey.

Think about it : have you ever seen a dolphin show where the trainer did not have a bucket of fish next to him? Have you ever seen a show where
the dolphins didn’t get small pieces of fish? No, of course not – they just don’t exist. If dolphins were really having such a good time clowning
around there wouldn’t be any need to give them something to eat to make them jump in the
air !

Iris, an « old » captive dolphin in Duisburg

Don’t give money to people who do them
Don’t ever go to a dolphinarium again.
Help the captive dolphins to regain their freedom.


Dolphins die in prisons 

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