Let’shelp the dolphins ! 

help the dolphins ! 



They really do need us!

Dolphins are our friends and we should help
It is not good to lock them in a zoo or kill them for food.
If one day you want to see dolphins in the wild you don’t need to go to a
Dolphins live all over the world.
There must be dolphins or whales who swim not far from where you live !

The best thing is to go by boat and observe them from afar so that you don’t disturb them.
But sometimes the dolphins like to come right near
boats and people who are swimming.
If that happens you shouldn’t feed them or try to touch them.

Dolphins find us comical and are interested in us but you should not bother them: the sea is their home.
Not many people know dolphins very well.
Many people do not realise how intelligent and kind they are.
At school you could talk to your friends or organise a little conference to explain how they live. You could also become a member of an
organisation which helps dolphins and whales.

Life is becoming very difficult for all the ‘wild’ animals in the
world : elephants, monkeys, lions, panthers, bears, wolves etc.

No one is looking after them and they don’t know how to defend themselves on their own. They have no
For these reasons dolphins and other animals need you and all the children of the world.

They need you to speak for them.
They need you to explain to grown-ups that they need to be protected.