Meeting with Antwerp Zoo Director

Antwerp Zoo closes its Delphinarium !!


Thursday, September 3rd 1998,
an Antwerp’s Zoo communiqué, issued in ALL Belgian newspapers,
officially declares :

– Antwerp Dolphinarium will
close before the next six months.
Sea-lion’s exhibitions will take the place of dolphin shows

– Iris is too « old ».
She will be sent to Harderwijck, « in order to enjoy a quiet
retirement »

– Ivo is young and strong.
He will be sent to other zoos as a « stallion » for an
European breeding program.

* This statement doesn’t mention F.Daman promised us last Friday
he would listen to rehabilitation’s suggestions and try to find a
solution in order to send Iris and Ivo back to the Mexican Gulf.

* This statement doesn’t mention that
Harderwijck is overcrowded and suspected to conduct weird
activities alongside with NATO or Seaworld, in USA.
Anyway, roughly separated from her son and thrown in such an
alien environment, Iris won’t live long there.

* This statement doesn’t mention Iris is not
too old but simply exhausted by 17 years of captivity in
artificial sea water, without seeing the real sun.
She was mistreated and must be cured.
In Bruges, Puck gave birth to calve at the age of 34 ! But in
Bruges, the pool is 6 meters deep. In Antwerp, only 3…

In short, we dare say Mr. Daman refuses to
listen to us. ALL Belgian and French organizations are gathering
now in order to fight against the Zoo’s decision. A press
conference will be held soon.

Iris and Ivo are only two forgotten dolphins in
the core of Europe, among hundred other captive ones, when in the
same time, thousands and thousands of them are dying in fisher

But Iris and Ivo are also the genuine symbol of
dolphin captivity abomination. Now, their life is broken, their
future is hopeless. There are yet thinking and suffering.
Please help us to help them !!

Meeting with Antwerp Zoo Director

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